Hillary Would Not Be Better

Recently, there has been an influx of “you-have-to-admit-Hillary-would-be-better” and “we-have-to-unite” [around neoliberalism] to defeat Trumpism. I thought of an example on why watching the system burn is preferable at this point than helping the 21% of Americans that voted for HRC protect their precious investments and nest eggs. Imagine there are three types of people […]

Why the Left Must Not Elect Hillary Clinton, For the Sake of the Right.

Electing Clinton to the highest office will create deleterious consequences throughout the free world. It will broadcast the message that electioneering, media collusion, Superdelegate nepotism, rigged polling, and partiality are the only way to control the masses. Among world-wide establishment politicians paying close attention, the American Republican Party is taking lengthy notes.