The Electoral College Is Bullshit and You Know It

I would like to first preface that I do not and did not support Hillary Rodham Clinton at any point during the 2016 election. She was a dishonest, calculating, cold, status quo politician and she never had my support and almost certainly never will. I would also like to stress that though I do believe the electoral college should be abolished, the 2016 General Election is over and under the rules at the time of the election Donald J. Trump fairly won, and should be President of the United States for the next four years.

That being said, the electoral college really is a disaster. This does not come from a place of bias, but of observation. If the roles were reversed and it was Trump who won the popular vote despite losing the electoral vote, his supporters would be justifiably infuriated and it would be just for them to claim that the system that lost their candidate the presidency was undemocratic. Meanwhile, the Clinton supporters would be in the position of condescendingly telling us why the electoral college is such a good thing and how we should have taken a “basic civics class in high school”. In truth, however, regardless of your political loyalties, it is quite simply absurd that a candidate can win the popular vote by a projected two million votes and lose the electoral college by nearly one hundred electoral votes.

I can already see it: “Come on, you fucking cuck, this is basic civics. The electoral college exists to stop city dwellers from deciding the fate of the entire country!” Yes, yes. You have told us in perhaps the most condescending and annoying manner possible in the wake of this election result. What you do not realize, however, is that we know your arguments for the electoral college. We simply do not agree with them. You people are literally saying, “We need the electoral college so votes matter more for people who live in less populated, rural areas.” No, that is absurd. One vote should count for one vote, regardless of where you live. There is this strange phenomenon wherein people seem to think that just because an argument was presented in favor of something, that argument should be accepted. Absolutely not. I find your argument unconvincing. Crazy concept, I know.

I understand. You make a decent point in that it really would be disastrous if Los Angeles and New York City voters decided public policy for Wyoming and Montana, but we have a very simple solution to the problem you fear: The United States Senate. Yes, the senate. Each state, no matter how big or small, has exactly two senators. This system ensures that less populated areas have fair representation in the legislative branch of our country. This is a good thing. It is a perfect example of checks and balances that help. The electoral college is not. Why in the world should someone be President when the votes literally declare that, after a nationwide vote, the majority of the populous did not want him to be their president? Is that what you call democracy? And then you have the nerve to disparage people for not voting? If you were in McDonald’s and ordered a quarter pounder, but they repeatedly¬† gave you a Big Mac, would you keep ordering or would you see it as a waste of your time?

My conclusion? You know the electoral college is a system that does not make sense. My sneaking suspicion is that you only support it now because your candidate won.


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