Why You Shouldn’t Be Part of the “Black Community” (or any other superficially based “community”)

Some would undoubtedly label me an “Uncle Tom” for what I propose. Others would be less visceral in their responses and silently voice their disapproval. Some may even consider me ineligible to discuss this due to the simple fact that my father is white. However, it is my hope that many more will read what I have to say, and find themselves in agreement.

As I stated, my father is a white man, while my mother is black, putting me in an interesting position my entire life. If I step into a room full of white people, no one will think, “Look, another white fellow.” The same cannot be said if I were to walk into a room full of black people — that is to say that they would see me as just another black male. As biracial people (those having primarily European and African ancestry, as I can’t speak on the other combinations), we are likely to simply consider ourselves black. It is a societal and cultural phenomenon that we can trace back to the racist “one-drop rule”, an old white-racist idea of which the primary proponents in the 21st century are ironically black and biracial people. Under the one-drop rule, anyone with noticeable African ancestry is black. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I reject the notion that I am black, much the same as I reject the notion that I am white. I am both. But deeper than that, I am a human, and refuse to label myself as any race. I refuse to take pride in my race. I refuse to look at the accomplishments of black or white people and tie myself to them. I am an individual. This is how I argue all whites, blacks, Asians, metizos, etc. should view themselves. Isaac Newton discovered gravity? Yes, he did. You did not. Ask yourself what you have done with your life. If after thinking long and hard about your life, you cannot think of a single thing you have done of merit personally, no matter how small, get off the internet and stop taking credit for the accomplishments of people who look like you.

If you really sit down and think about it, is there anything to be proud of in being born black, or white, or gay, or female? You did not accomplish anything. You had no part in deciding your skin color, sexual orientation, or gender. So you’re gay and you love yourself? Fantastic. You’re black and you love yourself? Wonderful. You’re a woman and you love yourself? Great. Congratulations, you have learned to accept yourself for how you were born, now go out and accomplish something — something you can take pride in.

I argue that it is time to stop taking pride in what you are, and to instead take pride in who you are and what you have done with your life. Learn a language. Start a business. Exude kindness to all who you meet in life. Finish your college degree. Donate to charity. Do volunteer work. Those are things to be proud of, not being a certain color or being attracted to a certain gender over another or any of her superficial trait you had no part in determining.


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