Hillary Would Not Be Better

Recently, there has been an influx of “you-have-to-admit-Hillary-would-be-better” and “we-have-to-unite” [around neoliberalism] to defeat Trumpism.

I thought of an example on why watching the system burn is preferable at this point than helping the 21% of Americans that voted for HRC protect their precious investments and nest eggs.

Imagine there are three types of people in the world: the Monopoly Guys, a small army of Lena Dunhams, and everyone else is homeless. The Monopoly Guys torch all of Dunhams’ properties. The Lena’s insist the homeless fight the fires, and proceed to lecture the vast groups of homeless people on why protecting their shit is paramount.
Most of Americans are so broken and beaten and overworked that it seems hopeless to accomplish anything politically. The Parties are only interested in themselves, and watching a bunch of entitled relatively-wealthy upper-class neolibs demand our allegiance is laughable.

Democrats, fix your party. Return it to the FDR style of democracy, and start standing for the people. Stop worrying about the wealthy and the donors and the focus groups. Just return to the middle and poor classes, and the votes will follow.
[Editor note: I’ve been considering doing slightly shorter pieces recently, just to bounce ideas around faster.  Feel free to leave comments if you want.]
——— Nicholas Pisca is founder of 0001D, and can be found at TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. Before you get all into a huff, he probably has less in common with you and even less with your enemies. So at least you got that.

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