You Killed Yourselves, Dems

You, the Democrats, did this to yourselves. You did this to all of us. When this began, we, the liberal side of the United States, told you what America wanted. It wanted real change. It wanted something to believe in. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both spoke to that desire. The tragic reality is that […]

Why the Left Must Not Elect Hillary Clinton, For the Sake of the Right.

Electing Clinton to the highest office will create deleterious consequences throughout the free world. It will broadcast the message that electioneering, media collusion, Superdelegate nepotism, rigged polling, and partiality are the only way to control the masses. Among world-wide establishment politicians paying close attention, the American Republican Party is taking lengthy notes.

Dear Democrats

Democrats, I know most of you seem to be under the stern impression that those of us who aren’t voting for Hillary Clinton are therefore casting our ballots for Trump, but that is an extremely illogical conclusion. Many of us just won’t vote. Many of us will simply vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. […]

Short Summary of First Presidential Debate, 2016

Final Score of First Presidential Debate:  Hillary Clinton – 52 Donald Trump – 48 Trump absolutely dominates on trade Trump gives proper criticism of Hillary’s foreign policy, but then lies about being anti Iraq war and proposes being a “more effective” hawk than her, narrow victory for Trump Hillary wins on the topic of Trump’s […]